How to Connect a USB Device

To connect a remote USB device you need to accomplish the following steps:

Share the device on USB server computer (see How to Share a USB Device).
Add the remote server to get a list of available devices.
Select remote USB device and connect it.

Adding USB Server

To create a connection to the USB server, please do the following:

1. Оpen Remote Devices tab and click btn-server-add button to open an Add New USB Server window.


2. Enter an address of the remote USB server where shared USB devices reside.

3. Click OK button to add the server.

4. Now, if the connection was successfully established, you should see a list of shared USB devices on the server.



Connecting remote USB device

1. On the Remote Devices tab select a USB device you wish to connect.

2. Click btn-device-connect button.

3. Your device is now connected. Its status icon should change to state-device-connected.