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December 12, 2016
Today we are happy to present the new USB over Ethernet version 3.3. This release contains a lot of improvements to bring you the most reliable USB redirection technology!
See a list of changes...
September 9, 2014
We are happy to announce the new major release of Advanced Virtual COM Port version 3.0. This release adds full support of Windows 8/8.1 and Server 2012/2012R2 systems! We have also fixed several issues and improved general stability. See all changes...

Update to version 3
August 5, 2014
USB over Ethernet version 3.1 has been released.
This version adds support of UASP mass storage devices and fixes a few bugs. See all changes...

Update to version 3
June 20, 2014
USB over Ethernet version 3.0 has been released.
This release adds a plenty of new features and improvements. USB 3.0 support, Device Policy, better callback and many more. See all changes...

Update Now!
March 1, 2012
USB over Ethernet version 2.6.6 has been released.
Better device sharing algorithm. Fixed autoconnection issues. Fixed callback on 64-bit systems. Plus a lot of other bugfixes! Read more...
August 15, 2011
USB over Ethernet version 2.5.7 has been released.
Added support for automatic Windows Firewall rules creation.
July 14, 2011
We are excited to announce a release of a new product Advanced Virtual COM Port CE which brings virtual serial ports to mobile devices! Read more...


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Share USB devices over Ethernet or Internet, access remote USB devices as if they are plugged into your local computer!

USB over Ethernet is a professional software solution allowing to use USB devices remotely through a LAN, Internet or any other network connection.

USB over Ethernet allows you to share USB devices over IP. You can connect to a shared USB device and use it just like it is plugged in your machine. And there is no need to install USB device's driver on the computer where it is physically plugged in.



USB over Ethernet Screenshot

How it works:

To start redirecting USB devices you need to install USB over Ethernet on a computer where USB devices are physically plugged in. Another copy of the program needs to be installed on the computer where you want to use USB devices remotely. Once the program is installed, users can start sharing their USB devices or access remote USB devices.

USB over Ethernet is useful for:

  1. Software developers for integration of USB over Ethernet functionality into their application. USB devices could be shared and connected from the application, thanks to the command-line interface.
  2. Corporations, offices for accessing remote USB devices that are physically located in another office. This eliminates the need to purchase additional devices.
  3. Companies where several users need to use a single unique, heavy or very specific USB equipment. The device can rest in the server room attached to the server's USB port, while users using it one after another. No need to move the device around.

USB over Ethernet works with:

    • Dongles
    • Mobile phones
    • Webcams
    • Audio devices
    • Mass storage devices
    • Printers, scanners, bar code readers, and many others




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