USB over Ethernet is the software which gives an ability to redirect your USB devices over LAN or Internet and use them remotely like they were plugged into your computer directly. While staying at home, you can use USB devices physically connected to your office PC and vice versa.

No need to hassle with wires anymore to share an expensive USB device with your friend or colleague. USB over Ethernet allows you to do this with just a few clicks.

How It Works

USB over Ethernet is a client-server application with both client and server parts integrated into one. This means you can share your USB devices as well as connect remote USB devices at the same time. We also offer a free USB over Ethernet Client which acts as client-only software allowing you to connect USB devices that were shared with a full version.

Main goal of server part is to capture activity of USB device that you share and redirect it to client through a network. Client part creates a virtual USB device which handles the data received from server.

Supported USB devices

USB over Ethernet supports a wide range of USB devices, including:

USB Mass storage devices
USB Imaging devices
USB Printers
USB Scanners
USB HID (Human interface devices)
USB Dongles
USB Audio devices
USB Mobile devices
USB Infrared devices
USB Barcode scanners
USB Bluetooth devices
and virtually any other USB devices...