Configuration - Local USB Device Properties

There are several ways to open Local USB Device Properties:

Right-click on the local USB device in USB Device List and select Properties.
Select local USB device in USB Device List and and click btn-device-editbutton.
Select local USB device in USB Device List and and click Local->Edit Device menu item.
Or simply double-click the device.



This is the name of the device whose properties you're editing. You may enter a custom name here.

Restore default

Click this button if you wish to restore default device name.

Deny manual and automatic sharing of this device

When enabled, you won't be able to share this device. It also won't be shared in Automatic Sharing Mode.

NOTE. Shared devices are not usable locally, so it is a good idea to deny sharing of your USB keyboard and USB mouse. This prevents accidental manual or automatic sharing.

Enable inactivity timeout for this device

Enables inactivity timeout feature for the USB device.

NOTE. Inactivity timeout works for shared devices only.

Inactivity timeout

You can specify inactivity timeout value here. If device is idle during this amount of time, it becomes available for connection by other users.