User Interface - USB Device List

USB Device List displays a list of USB devices available on remote server.

Each list entry corresponds to one device or server and contains a status icon, device or server name and some technical information. Status icon can change depending on the device or server state for best visual perception. Device state is also displayed as text in the status field.

All possible status icons are described below.


Remote USB Device List

This list contains all USB Servers and their shared devices.


Server status icons:


You are successfully connected to this server.


You are successfully connected to this server and automatic device connection mode is enabled. All USB devices available on this server will connect automatically.


Server disconnected.


There was error in communication with server. Status contains additional information on the cause of error.


Callback connection successfully established with server


Callback connection disconnected

Remote Devices status icons:


Device is plugged on the server and available for connection.


Device is shared on the remote server, but currently not available for connection (possibly unplugged).


Device is connected and ready for use.


Device is in use by another client. You may adjust device Properties and enable automatic connection mode to connect this device when it becomes available.


Device is not currently available for connection, but automatic connection mode is enabled. The device will be automatically connected when it becomes available on remote server.