Allows you to connect any USB device that was shared with USB over Ethernet via the LAN/WAN/VPN/VLAN or Internet
USB version 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 supported
Device sharing, unsharing, connection and disconnection on-the-fly
Command-line interface
Forced device connection from the server side
Custom device names for easy distinguishing of similar devices
Inactivity timeout
Callback connection
No need to install USB device driver on the server side
Automatic device sharing whenever you plug them in
Automatic device connection whenever it is plugged in on the server
Tray icon and menu for quick device sharing/unsharing and connection/disconnection
Compatible with 64-bit Windows versions
Compatible with HypeThreaded, multi-core and multi-processor systems
Compatible with Virtual Machines
Integrate USB over Ethernet functionality into your own application with OEM version